Manufacture of gas-gas and gas-liquid ribbed plate heat exchangers for heat recovery systems and other production processes.

Over 200 projects ( 200 - 75 000 kg and 85 - 20 000 KW) were implemented for the leading enterprises in Russia, countries near and far abroad, demonstrating that our heat exchangers are the best equipment in gas-and-air and gas-liquid heat exchange today.

  1. Significantly increased effectiveness compared with classic design equipment.
  2. Modular design
  3. Working with the most difficult mediums
  4. "Free designing" - replacement of the heat exchange equipment of any design without project adjustment; existing connections are fully preserved.
  5. Pressure testing under GOST
  6. Simple transportation and assembly
  1. Manufactured of heat-resistant or stainless steels
  2. Operation at up to 1150° С
  3. Practical implementation of the projects with dust content up to 250 g/Nm3
  4. Working with abrasive and chemically aggressive compounds
  5. Dimensions and costs are far less (6-8 times) than using any home or foreign analogues
  6. "Free designing" - equipment replacement without project adjustment; existing connections of the heat exchangers are fully retained
  7. Pressure testing under GOST

Implementation (modernization) of the heat exchanger system is one of the most requested and fast-payback activities on energy efficiency improvement which contributes substantially to the decrease of the final production price.

Estimation of system implementation

OPT type industrial ribbed plate heat exchanger

Each heat exchanger is designed and manufactured under the specifications of a certain client ensuring optimization of operating parameters, dimensions, materials, weight of the heat exchange equipment and, accordingly, price of the heat exchanger.

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Heat recovery systems on the basis of the heat exchangers manufactured by Termo Nord Stream

  1. If your company implements different thermal processes or designs productions with different types of heating, including:
    1. electric heating;
    2. gas heating;
    3. heavy oil heating;
    4. coil heating, etc..
  2. If heat exchangers (air heaters) of another less effective design or old, damaged heat exchangers (with effectiveness not exceeding 60% with regard to design power of the heat exchanger) are installed at your production

Characteristic properties of OPT (gas-gas) and VP-OPT (gas-liquid) heat exchangers manufacture:

  1. High-frequency technology for stainless steel ribbed surface (panel being the main element of our heat exchangers). This technology leaves the roots in Soviet period and was created in the depths of All Russian Research Institute of high frequency currents named after V.P. Vologdin.
  2. Own full production cycle.
  3. Mandatory pressure testing under GOST to ensure quality and prevent possible crossflows.
  4. Strong scientific, engineering and technological base, patents of Russia and USSR.
  5. Own mathematical support to perform all design works.

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SER (secondary energy resources) – are the energy potential of production, accessory and intermediate products produced in the process units (installations) which can be fully or partially used for power supply. Its reasonable use is one of the greatest ability to save fuel and the key task in the sphere of energy saving for every production, as it provides industrial product cost saving.

Thermal TER is returned by the special devices, heat recuperators manufactured by Termo Nord Stream on the basis of its heat exchange apparatus.

It is widely agreed that recuperators are expensive bulky devices with small service life which can be hardly built into the production process and its repair results in production suspend for a long time making its application ineffective. These disadvantages make skeptics bearing with great wastes of the heat energy and environmental problems. As a result far from all enterprises are equipped by recuperators where it will be appropriate.

We developed the design of Ribbed Plate Recuperators (the heat exchangers of OPT and VP-OPT types) which are considerably free from the above mentioned disadvantages and radically modifies all the existing views about reliability, effectiveness and costs.

Our company accumulated great experience of successful replacement of damaged heat exchangers of any type (including foreign heat exchangers) reserving all location dimensions, as reduced dimension and weight parameters allow to install your recuperators and heat exchangers on the existing mounting supports without adjustment of gas ducts and mounting load-carrying structures (in general replacement can be performed within a short time without additional costs for survey and design).

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