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New type of heat exchangers was successfully designed due to the basic element, RIBBED PANEL, characterized by highly developed surface, minimum steel intensity, high rigidity and low air pressure.

In turn manufacture of the panels became possible after development of the high-frequency welding technology.

This element (panel) makes it possible to design simple and robust construction of the heat exchange apparatus with highly developed heat-exchange surfaces.

Pic 1. Sheet ribbed panel.

The panel (Pic. 1) is a thin-walled flat sheet on the surface of which the vertical ribs are welded.

The high-temperature heat-exchanger of the new design had been operating at Chusovoy metallurgic integrated plant for 15 years, before it was dismantled due to shut down and disassembly of 800 mill.

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How we do it

Development of the high-frequency welding technology for the panels and the corresponding equipment for its implementation was a difficult, knowledge-intensive and unprecedented issue. For many years, the researchers who began their career at V.P.Vologdin All-Russian Research Institute of High-Frequency Currents (Leningrad) and the employees of Termo Nord Stream Company were trying to solve this issue. The main design solutions resulting in development of welding process author’s certificates away back in the 80s

As a result, the technologic and design solutions were worked out allowing to build the pilot plant, using which several heat exchangers of the new type were later manufactured.

In the eighties the working models of the heat exchangers made of heat-resistance steel were tested in the specialized state testing center of Souzpromgaz (Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy in the Rostov Region). The tests were carried out in the wide range of the heat-carrying medium volumes and gas temperatures (up to 1200°C)

After the efficiency of this heat exchanger type, was proved, first heat exchangers were manufactured for commercial operation in different conditions. They provide heat recovery with gas output from 200 up to 200000 m3/hour with the heat transfer medium temperature 200 - 1250 °С

Our heat exchangers are used, among others, in the following enterprises and cities

At present the plant manufactures new heat exchangers of different purpose.

Considering the fact that each customer has very specific needs, the heat exchangers are calculated, designed and manufactured by the customer’s order to be optimal for the specified operating conditions.

In this regard the mathematical support and the computer calculation program were developed, which helps determine design, mass and dimensions and air resistance of the heat exchangers.

Adequacy of calculations performed by this program was confirmed by the analysis of results of the heat exchanger’s commercial operation.

Thus, Termo Nord Stream possesses a unique welding technology, necessary equipment, experience and knowledge required for manufacture of UNIQUE heat exchangers

Our equipment is used by: