Procedure of heat exchange equipment ordering and manufacture

You fill Configuration Data Sheet or simple estimation form

Our specialist will contact you to clarify the details

We calculate Feasibility and mass and dimensional parameters of OPT heat exchanger

Technical and production specifications agreement

Heat exchanger manufacture

Equipment acceptance

Financing of your heat exchanger installation project

For implementation of the energy saving projects under the Federal Law No. 261-FZ Termo Nord Stream company entered into the partner agreements with banking institutions (including state institutions) and leasing companies for financing of a set of works for implementation of our heat exchangers at the customer enterprise on a repayable basis by means of fuel saving.

The approved project is submitted to the bank together with the necessary documentation on financial condition of your enterprise. After financing the repayment of the debt is provided by saving declared in the project.

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Detailed description of work stages

Long-term experience and frequently questions asked our customers prompt us to provide the detailed description of the heat exchange equipment design and production stages identical for all manufacturers.

  1. Send application in a simple form or fill the checklist ;
  2. Get into the contact with the specialists to clarify the details and estimated parameters;
  3. Upon receipt of the calculation ask to comment the data, ask for the sketch;
  4. Please, clarify the information about similar heat exchangers , manufactured by the company;
  5. Ask to clarify the manufacturing method , used materials;
  6. Collect information about the service life of the heat exchanger, maintenance method and warranty liabilities;
  7. Collect information about potential crossflow between gaseous mediums;
  8. Ask for Reference list , contact phones of the specialists working in the enterprises with installed heat exchangers;
  9. Inspect foundation documents and the report of the enterprise for the last year;
  10. Clarify if the company’s production facilities is not a judicial matter and free and clear of any lien;
  11. You mast visit the production facilities where you are going to place the order;
  12. Estimate engineering, technical and production capabilities of the company and equipment condition;
  13. You must check application of the HF welding for production of the ribbed items;
  14. Inspect pressure testing procedure for the heat exchanger according to GOST;
  15. Control production process and quality via photo reports or (recommended) sending your representative to the production
  16. Accept the equipment in a responsible manner: ask for certificates for used materials
  17. Claim for penalty in case of delay in delivery

Our equipment is used by: