You may fill the simple form of heat exchanger estimate

If you don’t have the information required for the Configuration Data Sheet filling, you may fill the simple estimation form for rough heat exchanger estimate, in which only the most essential parameters are the mandatory for filling.

Please, note that the Configuration Data Sheet should include the mandatory data marked with * required for preliminary heat exchanger estimation.

The additional data may be required for the heat exchanger design and manufacture.

Please, check additionally:

  1. if the consumption values you specified are the standard,
  2. if the specified resistance values are true.

Complete the Configuration Data Sheet for commercial and technical proposal request

1. Operating parameters (necessary for filling)..

No. Name Heat transfer medium Heated medium
1 Medium (gas, liquid)
2 Inlet temperature
3 Outlet temperature
4 Inlet consumption
5 Excess inlet pressure
6 Permissible air resistance
7 Chemical composition
8 Mechanical impurity quantity
9 Operating mode of the thermal generating unit
10 Name and description of the production process where the heat transfer medium will be used
11 Full name of the contact person*
12 Phone number of the contact person*
13 E-mail of the contact person*
14 Name of the customer enterprise

2. General issues (preferable for filling).

No. Name Data
1 Place of the supposed heat exchanger installation (description, sketches with dimensions, photo)
2 Connection dimensions and profiles of supply and discharge lines
3 If there are any dimensional restrictions (width, depth, height)
4 Heat exchanger operating mode
5 Direction of medium transfer
6 Were any heat exchangers used in this production process earlier? If they were used, please, specify its parameters (dimensions, heated air temperature, process flow diagram, drawings, service life, advantages, disadvantages, other technical characteristics specified)
7 Where is it supposed to take the heated medium from?
8 Purpose of the heated medium, where it is discharged
9 If the assembly is required?
10 If design and production of heat insulation is required(or it is produced on site)?
11 Number of heat exchangers
12 Required delivery terms
13 Information source from which you have learned about OPT (Ribbed Plate-type Heat Exchanger) type heat exchangers

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