The heat exchanger head (the element where heat exchange is performed) is assembled out of a set of standard modules using bolted or welded joints depending on the required power, air resistance restrictions and dimensions of the mounted equipment.

In case of full or partial wear you can interchange the most and the least worn-out modules. The weight of each module varies within 500-1500 kg, which simplifies this procedure. The welding assembly of modules is the most preferable. At modules welding, the 20-25 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick sheet metal bars are used as the joints between the modules. To replace the modules connected in such a way, you only need to cut and reweld the bars. Experience has proven, that this simplifies and speeds up the process of module disconnection and further assembly as compared with flange couplings.

Thus, the modular design increases the service life of the heat exchanger, simplifies its installation and repair and reduces the corresponding costs, enhances reliability, etc. The listed technologies make VP-OPT heat exchangers unrivalled in economic and operational parameters.

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