When implementing our projects, we extensively cooperate with different design organizations and research institutions: Teplostal Company CJSC, Stekla RDE, LenGiproMez, LenGiproNickel, SoyuzTeploStroy CJSC, Escort CJSC, Engineering ANH, Zaporozhskiy Institute of Titan, UralTermoComplex CJSC, ElectroTerm UKRRDE and many others.

Termo Nord Stream is always open for partnership with design organizations and institutes developing gaseous medium recuperation systems and also designing process equipment which includes heat exchangers.

Termo Nord Stream is always open for partnership with companies and individuals (including intermediaries) for design and implementation of the projects presupposing the use of high-performance ribbed panels for different purposes, including heat-insulated floors and walls, heating elements, cooling plants, as decking, bulkheads, deck erections in shipbuilding, elements of mast and quick-dismantle constructions.

Each heat exchanger is designed and manufactured according to the technical specifications of the customer, which ensures optimization of its dimensions, materials, weight and, accordingly, price of the heat exchanger. Termo Nord Stream manufactures heat exchangers and other heat exchange equipment for different purposes

Information and comments concerning the activity of our company, as well as our heat exchangers and air preheaters can also be provided by our long-standing partners:

  • Soyuzteplostroy Engineering CJSC
  • ANH-Engineering LLC
  • Termostal CJSC
  • UralTermoComplex OJSC
We use HFC welding equipment supplied by Vysokaya Chastota RSO

Our equipment is used by: