We assure the finest price Low steel intensity of the final product, high automation of the well-adjusted production process, large purchase volumes of stainless and heat-resistant steels ensure low price of our heat exchangers.
Our technology - is a standard for the modern Russian gas-and-air heat exchange equipment.
Our prices - are the bottom limit for such high quality, they are a compilation of our extensive knowledge, abilities of our unique technologies and advanced experience.
Leader in heat exchangers manufacture In 2014 195 tons of high technology heat exchangers and air heaters was manufactured and shipped, and in 2015 Ц 212 tons.
Our products are the best on the market! We manufacture high-efficiency heat exchangers (OPT type heat exchangers) surpassing existing counterparts in its parameters. We developed design and method of its manufacture. We have been improving the production process for many years, we have been crafting and checking adequacy of the design and estimation procedures, have been selecting and testing materials. This is proved by many our works, authorТs certificates , patents, scientific and technological and advertising publications. For a long time, our employees have been working on all details of heat exchangers production technologies and their design. Due to this, we have reliable production and manufacture high-quality products.
100 % of manufactured products undergo quality control at each production stage We control the quality of all products at each production stage: quality control of HF welding of panels and module assembling, pressure test of finished products with issue of pressure testing report, internal acceptance by the QCD committee. .
High-skilled engineers and production personnel Most engineering and production personnel at our enterprise have different science degrees and graduated from the leading Russian technical universities (SPSU MATHMECH, LETI, LITMO and others). Our production involves certified specialists with senior grades (NAKS)
High-frequency welding technology High-frequency welding provides high-quality welding joint Уin T-barФ for thin-walled metal and thermoplastic welding joints at heat exchangers operation in any temperature conditions (prevents mechanical breakdowns at significant temperature stresses). Usage of HF welding prevents crossflows, assures high reliability and a long service life for OPT heat exchangers.
Customization We calculate optimal design for each customer (customized project is always better that the standard one). You provide us with initial data (filled data sheet, TS or other technical documentation) and we make the optimal design for your enterprise.
Long service life and the best possession price All our products have a longer service life and longer intervals between preventive maintenance than its analogues as confirmed by the repeated tests and comments of our customers. Our high temperature heat exchangers have been working for years at the number of the enterprises in metallurgic and other industries.
We donТt disrupt delivery deadlines We always meet delivery dates. If necessary, we consider the requests of the customer and try to shorten the delivery time at the cost of the companyТs internal reserves (without increase in product value).
We guarantee constant prices and adaptable discount system We guarantee constant contract price within 5% of the commercial proposal regardless inflation, discount rate, materials cost, etc. Specified equipment price is stated in the contract. We value public image of our company!
We guarantee fulfillment of the TS conditions and payback time If, providing the proper operation, during the warranty period any deviations exceed 20% of the heat exchanger operating parameters agreed in the specifications as confirmed by the documents, so we undertake to pay the non-recurrent penalty to the customer at the rate of 20% of the product cost.
5% discount if your request is not answered within 3 working days. You will receive a guaranteed discount in the amount of the marketing departmentТs commission if within 3 working days you donТt receive answer or calculation of the mass-dimensional parameters and economic feasibility of heat exchanger application in response to your request or telephone call.
We perform economic and payback estimation At entering into the contract we perform economic estimation and estimation of heat exchanger payback together with the technical parameter calculations. You can objectively estimate practicability of the heat exchanger purpose . In general the payback period is from 4 months up to one year and it is always less than the equipment warranty period.
Complete production cycle Our company implements the complete production cycle. All necessary modern equipment is located at our production site which allows to be independent from suppliers and to be responsible for delivery time.
Modern equipment fleet Large, constantly updated machine tool population including all necessary equipment from the leading global manufactures is available at our production site. The maximum service life of the used equipment doesnТt exceed 1.5-2 years.
High automation level High automation level, small number of the service personnel and high performance of welding process ensure low production cost. Large purchase volumes ensure optimal material (expensive stainless steel) costs for us, which in turn provides reduced unit value. Our products have lower price than the heat exchangers of other type with similar efficiency.
Monoproduct We are a mono-product company, producing heat exchangers. We focus on design, manufacture and installation of heat exchange equipment and its connections (key ready projects), ensuring continuous improvement of production process, without paying any attention to other issues, and high quality and operating performance of our product.
CustomerТs investment financing We are ready to offer you an opportunity to work out different leasing schemes, to enter into energy service contracts with the leading Russian financial institutions, when our equipment implemented into the production processes is paid by the funds that have become available due to energy saving. Agreed facilities.
Heat exchangers are our key expertise and we just cannot fail. We invite all customers to visit our enterprise! We know how to welcome guests and like to do it! The production process doesnТt leave anybody indifferent, our visitors become our regular customers.

Our equipment is used by: