We are successfully implementing the method of replacement of damaged tube air heaters (TAH) on air heating installations (AHI) which are rather common in the mine heating systems.

OPT heat exchangers are free from any TAH disadvantages, including associated with the chimney flue clogging at continuous operation with solid fuels, since the gas flow reaches velocity above 15 м/s, so to provide channel self-cleaning.

Besides, features of OPT heat exchanger design enable to:

  1. Observe strictly all location dimensions of the replaced TAH;
  2. Provide much larger heat exchange surface per weight and volume unit
  3. Be much more effective and cheaper

ОPТ-500/78-300/60.2 heat exchanger manufactured with observation of all local dimensions instead of damaged TPV-460 air heater of VNU 075х2 installation.

The technical specifications of ОPТ-500/78-300/60.2 air heater (analogue of ТVP-460)

  1. Weight: 19 940 kg
  2. Heat power: 7 364 KW
  3. Used for air heating
  4. Payback period: 4.5 months
  5. Flue gas temperature: 500o С
  6. Heated air temperature: 300o С

Video of the fit up assembly test of ОPТ-500/78-300/60.2 air heater designed for air heating supplied for mine shafts heating.

All above mentioned disadvantages of TAH are almost excluded in OPT heat exchangers, and namely heat-exchange surface clogging by flue gases is completely eliminated as the flow velocity exceeds 15 м/s providing self-cleaning of internal panel surfaces.

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